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    Red Light/Green Light  echo $newRAM;
    added Sat November 20 2004 at 4:29 PM
    Yesterday, I was driving past the stadium and was astonished to ahve the person in front of me casualy drive right through a red light. Not a yellow turning red, but one that had been red for quite some time. I know I may not be the best example of obeying traffic laws (there's a bit of lead in my right foot), but I have *never* ran a red light, now matter how pointless the light is. Red lights have always been an absolute. Growing up in Flagstaff, I'm used to people running it close on yellows, but if you pull up to a red light, you simply wait.

    As I was coming home late at night, I was pulling up to the light in front of the Wilkinson Center when another idiot ran the red light. In both of these cases, the light really was pointless, because there wasn't anybody else at the lights, but I was still equally astonished when this guy ran the light.

    I was thinking about what I was going to write about these maniacs running red lights, because it seems weird that the second time I've seen someone blatantly run a red light in a long time was on the same evening as the first time. As I was pondering the words I'd write, I pulled up to yet another red light (incidentally, the same red light as the first one, just going the other way). The truck in the other lane was just behind me, and he too decided to run the red!

    Did I miss something? Twice is a coincidence. Three times? Simply amazing that there were so many stupid people driving last night.