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    added Mon September 28 2009 at 12:38 AM
    When I was a kid, my dad used to bring home gifts anytime he was traveling for a long time. In retrospect, I think that he usually just got them at the last airport before he got home. Anyway, that's how I acquired such treasures as Lorry the spotted tiger. I was a fan of tigers even at a young age (my 7th birthday was the only one that I had an actual party and it was decidedly tiger-themed). I'm not sure how he managed to convince me that Lorry was a tiger, but I'm sure the real reason is because the Hudson News stand didn't have any of the traditionally striped variety.

    Unfortunately, I don't think I'm quite so easy to shop for anymore. It's not that I'm particularly picky or greedy, it's just that I don't really 'want' much. And the things I do want but don't have are usually much too expensive to be gifting. I guess that people just get me tiger stuff because that's an easy "I was thinking of Jo-Pete" thing. But if someone were to try to get me a spotted tiger, I'm pretty sure that I'll assume they didn't really think of me much. Or didn't really think much of me.

    The result is that I've got quite a lot of tiger posters and tiger stuffed animals and cheap little tiger nick-knacks. It's not so much that I'm obsessed with them to the point of buying any little thing with a tiger on it, it's just something easy and convenient to identify with. I suppose that's how most peoples' collections really start - you tell people that you like original spoons from far-away places and before long you're knee deep in cutlery.

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    added Sun September 27 2009 at 6:44 AM
    The number one side-effect of going to bed early is waking up early.

    I've been a night owl for a long time - for as long as I've been able to set my own schedule. But here I am... 6:20 am and I've been awake long enough to get sufficiently bored to write on my anemic blog. I like being awake at night so much more - when you get bored, you just drift off to sleep. In the morning, you get bored and you stare at the ceiling.

    I don't even think that bored is the right word, since there are plenty of things I could be doing around the house. My site isn't the only thing that I've been ignoring. Maybe just lonely. But I was lonely yesterday, too and reasonably productive until I fell asleep at 7 or 8. Oops.

    So you (the reader) don't really care about my sleeping habits. Well, not in specific at any rate. So why are you here? Probably because this is still on the front page a few months later and you're randomly checking up on me. Well, I'm okay. Really, I am.

    There's more to read. Read the extended entry.