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    added Sat November 13 2004 at 12:52 PM
    My keyboard decided to die. It's been giving me fits for a while now. I had to sit close to the receiver, and hold the keyboard at the right angle for it to receive the signal properly. Then one day last week, it simply died. No amount of changing batteries, moving closer, or holding the keyboard at weird angles seemed to help the situation. I got out an old backup keyboard and asked my mom to send me the product replacement plan information for the wireless keyboard.

    or This morning, I drove out to Best Buy (which is where my sister bought the keyboard) and returned it. The first time out there, I forgot to bring the piece of junk software that came with the keyboard/mouse duo, so I had to go home and get it before they'd accept the return. I just wanted to exchange it for a working model, because I really did like the system just fine. Unfortunately, they didn't have the same kind I originally got, so I had to pick out another one. I started out by looking at all the cheapest ones. I had a $90 credit, so I figured if I got a $50 keyboard/mouse set, I could use the change to buy a new DVD player or something like that. Then, I saw the Microsoft Desktop Elite. It's the one with the cool mouse wheel that has horizontal scrolling as well as vertical. Perhaps not completely "practical," per se (I've managed just fine without horizontal scrolling up to this point), but something I've been interested in since it first came out. Best of all, it was $90. I bent down to find the box, and I saw the Bluetooth version.

    So, like a fly attracted by the strange glow of a bug zapper, I got sucked into getting the coolest keyboard and mouse combo they had available.

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