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    Blatant act of censorship
    The artist formerly known as Erin ******
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    added Sat June 26 2004 at 2:17 PM
    I got an IM from She-who-must-not-be-named just now. She was complaining about the fact that I have three links to her site (which will *not* be linked from here) with her full name. Unfortunately, with a name like Erin, I often find that I must include last names to differentiate between different girls. Especially since for a while, I was writing about a different Erin on a regular basis. It got rather confusing when one day I was talking about how Erin was ignoring me, and the next day I happened to be chatting with Erin. Then I get an email and two comments asking what the heck is going on with Erin.

    I did an obligatory search on Google for her name, and found that there were 14 sites listed. I checked each one to see what all it included. The first hit is from my old site. My brother just barely pulled the plug on that, but it's still rather a shame that my old site hits before my new one. I'll have to take a look at search page optimization. Ironically, the reason why that hit is found is because she left a comment with her first and last name, including a link to her site. That should clear out in the next week or two, as soon as google crawls the site and finds it abandoned. Of course, it is permanently archived somewhere, but that's not exactly relevant.

    Next comes all the hits from my current page. The first two are from an entry that does not contain a link, so I don't think she cares about that one. The next three are from a poem I responded to, which courtesy dictates includes a complete reference to the original. At her request, I removed the last name from that link. Her claim that I have three links to her site is somewhat misguided, because I actually only have one link. It just happens that the way my site is arranged to allow for searching by date and entry, the same article gets crawled by google's bots three times. I suppose there might be a way to prevent this, but I don't really see much point. They only show up if you select to show all the hits instead of omitting similar results.

    Three of the next four hits are simply sites from groups that she has been involved in. Her name happens to be included in lists of participants. One of the four, however, is a post made by her parents looking for a ride home for her. Not only does it include her first and last name, it includes her *phone number*. I don't even know if you could find my phone number through google. It probably depends on whether or not my resume has been crawled (note... in about two weeks, you'll probably be able to find my phone number and address on google). the next three hits are from my old site, and are therefore irrelevant in a couple weeks.

    There's more to read. Read the extended entry.