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    Doctor Mom  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon June 14 2004 at 11:17 PM
    Just had a chat with mom... nice hour long, talk about bunch of random stuff chat. She mentioned that because of my mono (see here, here, maybe even here, but not here), I'd probably be suceptible to having the symptoms return with any slight ailment. I described my symptoms, pointing out that minus the deathly sore, swollen throat, it felt almost exactly the same. Right down spending an entire day in bed (something I can't even remember doing to such an extent ever before in my life).

    So, after talking about that, we made the final diagnosis that this was probably just a little cold, aggrevated by the mono. Which is encouraging since it means I'm not nearly as contageous as I was afraid. Yet it's discouraging, because that means that I'm gonna feel like this at random times throughout the next year or two (please, no more). So we're back to asking all the cute girls to come on over and pamper me with chicken soup and soft words that it will be okay while you gently stroke my hair. And then I woke up...