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    Cologne  echo $newRAM;
    added Thu October 16 2003 at 8:03 PM
    Okay, somebody needs to convince my roommate that a little bit of cologne goes a long way. Every time he puts it on, he fills the entire apartment with the overpowering odor. It must be cheap stuff, too, because I don't smell it on him except during the first little while.

    He puts it on in his room at the end of the apartment. On the other end of the apartment, I find myself begging for air in the kitchen. Now, colognes are generally nice-smelling in small amounts, but not when it is so thick it replaces the oxygen.

    Personally, I've never worn cologne. I dunno, maybe I should occasionally. I don't think I've ever known my dad to put any on, nor any of my brothers. I think that I would feel rather overpowering if I were to ever try it.

    Please excuse me while I go sniff vinegar to purge my nostrils of this stench...

    Like when I was 17  echo $newRAM;
    added Thu October 16 2003 at 11:07 PM
    It's been awhile since I was really excited about a date. Not that I don't look forward to dates normally. In fact, I haven't been on a date in quite a while but what I looked forward to it. No, this is different. It feels more like when I was 17.

    This morning, I was handed a flier for the "A Cappella Jam" tomorrow night. I took a look at it and decided that it would be cool to go to. I thought for, oh, half a second more and decided that it would be **really** cool to go with a date. Another quarter of a second, and I knew who I wanted to ask. I was busy, so I didn't act on it right away. I had to get home to clean my apartment (for cleaning checks) before I went back to work. After work, I had to bring a video back to the bookstore, and so I had to walk through the Wilk. I decided that as long as I was there, I should pick up a couple of tickets.

    There's the key to actually going on a date - buy the tickets in advance. There's a few reasons why this step is important. First of all, if you already have the tickets, then there is much less chance that you'll chicken out. I am very good at chickening out and deciding not to follow through with even the most carefully laid plans, if I haven't told anybody about the plan. It's harder to chicken out when you have an investment (even if it's just $8).

    Second reason why buying the tickets in advance is a good thing has to do with the asking itself. One of the worst things to do when asking a girl on a date is to ask at the beginning what she's doing that night. If she doesn't think before speaking, she might say that she's not doing anything. Then you trap her into going with you, and it's a very awkward situation if she really doesn't want to go with you. Furthermore, it's so cliche. If you already have the tickets, then you say straight up that you have a couple tickets and you'd like her to go with you. Before she makes any leading statements, she's given the opportunity to evalute the guy and the activity to see if they are both an adequate investment of her Friday night.

    So I've got the tickets... now I have to ask her out. If she says no, then I already have a second person in mind to ask. That's pretty important, especially if you're asking at the last minute. If you put all your hope on the one girl, and it turns out that she is already busy, then you end up "settling" for another girl, and it's not as fun. On the other hand, if you already have a second girl in mind, then you can look forward to asking her.

    I call her up, a roommate answers. "Is Megan there?" I ask. A brief pause while Megan is found, and then she answers with a cheery hello. She already sounds excited, and I didn't even say who it is yet. This could mean three things. First, it's entirely possible that she thinks that it's another guy. Second, she could somehow know that it's me. Third, she could just naturally sound that happy to talk to anybody. It turns out to be the third. When I do say who it is, she sounds even *more* excited to talk to me. Wow.

    Wow. Sorry to repeat myself, but wow again. I explain that I happen to have a couple tickets (which every girl should know means "I went out of my way to buy two tickets so that I could ask you out") and ask if she'd be interested in going. She says something about how she had seen a sign for the production and thought it sounded good. She says that she would be interested in going with me. A few moments pass as we discuss how early we should leave for the venue (it's at the JSB auditorium on campus). I say that I'll be at her place at 6:30, she agrees. I hang up.

    And I'm floating about five feet off the ground. It feels like when I was 17 - so much excitement, eager anticipation.