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    pictures  echo $newRAM;
    added Sat December 13 2003 at 4:24 PM
    As I was working on 26 things, a lot of people would ask me why I had my camera with me. I'd explain that I was working on a project, kind of a photo scavenger hunt. Then, about nine out of ten people would ask what class it was for. Probably a fair enough assumption, so I patiently explained that it was a personal project, not something for class.

    The 26 words were provided by Some of them were a lot harder to find. Some of the pictures that I ended up using weren't the ones I intended to, because I simply didn't get a chance to take the right picture. For instance, "high point" was supposed to be a picture of the belltower. I was going to stand at the base and take a picture looking up. The replacement picture of the mountains is very beautiful, just not what I was originally planning.

    I didn't sit to write about my latest picture project, though. It could've just been a random isolated picture-taking day and the real reason would still be the same. I didn't take the pictures because I enjoyed the project, I took the project because I enjoy the pictures. Fact of the matter is that I like to take pictures. Of people, places, things, whatever. I don't do posed shots much. My goal is to capture and frame an instant of real life, not to stop life for the picture.

    When I have the camera around my neck, I look at the world differently. I start to notice the little beauties all around me. It doesn't always succeed in cheering me up, but at least the world is beautiful while I'm sad/lonely/upset. My goal is to hold that beauty. I do not create, and certainly do not destroy. I just take the pictures.