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    red swirls  echo $newRAM;
    added Fri April 11 2003 at 1:01 PM
    Vivid, deep red contrasts the white enamel. Turn on the water, watch as the red breaks up and swirls down the drain. Cover the faucet to angle the water and wash all the red away. The paper is soaked. Lean all the way over the sink and remove the paper to replace it. More red cascades toward the white enamel. Little dots of red splatter on the sides. Hold the fresh paper and look up at the ceiling. A second person walks in, takes care of his business and walks out as the time slowly passes. A glance at a watch says that it has probably been five minutes. Five minutes.

    About five minutes earlier, I had been casually talking in a hushed voice with the girl next to me in class. I felt a slight hint of moisture beneath my nostrel, signifying a runny nose. Before my arm responded to brush it away, four drops of red splashed down onto the left sleeve of my long-sleeved white shirt. One hand clasped firmly over my right nostrel, I took an immediate exit from the classroom. Out in the hall, I turned left, looked right and spied the men's room. Another person wes approaching at the same time, but he paused and waited as I opened the door with my right shoulder blade. Standing over the sink, I recounted what could possibly have caused such an immediate outpouring of blood. I hadn't even gotten around to touching my nose when the blood first started dripping.

    Unfortunately, I didn't change the blood soaked paper towel often enough. At one point, it moved a little and blood poured down my front. It probably took about ten minutes, but I finally got the bleeding to stop and cleaned my face up. I'll take care of the shirt tonite when I get a chance to breath, for now I just changed into a t-shirt. I've been carrying a couple paper towels with me everywhere, just in case. Probably won't happen again... at least not while I'm expecting it.