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Speak clearly.
added Wed June 25 2003 at 1:25 AM
It used to bug me when I would make phonecalls and the person on the other end didn't speak any english. Of course, that's because I'm a bigot, and I think that if you're going to be living, working, and interacting in America, you should learn to speak English, simply so that there is more communication. But fine... I'm calling into their home, so I can't be too picky. For all I care, they can get upset because I don't speak Spanish. Doesn't hurt me at all.

Now, what *really* gets me is when you have people picking up telemarketing jobs that don't speak clear english. Y'know, as a general rule of thumb, if I can barely understand you in person, you really shouldn't be soliciting sales over the phone. Sure, she seemed to be a sweet enough lady, and not to be racest or anything, but like most orientals she acted very proper. But I can only imagine the people on the other end of the phoneline trying to make sense of what she was saying. Not very surprisingly, she didn't get very many contacts.

So if you're gonna live here, please learn the language (which she did, she did speak english, just not clearly). If you're gonna work here, please don't expect us all to work around your (often self-imposed) language barrier. And if you're gonna be a telemarketer, please speak clearly.

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