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added Mon June 16 2003 at 3:32 AM
You can find the weirdest stuff on Google. periodically, I like to check to see if I can find myself in a search- mostly to know if anybody else could find me. First of all, if you just search for "Jo-Pete", you get a lot of "Jo & Pete" hits... a couple hundred, by my nearest estimation. If you make it more specific and search for "Jo-Pete Nelson," I pop up a few times. Each of the dance competitions I participated in comes back with a positive match. There's an email I wrote about 5 years ago that got posted on "Keith's Tuba webpage." There's a math problem-of-the-week website that I entered once in elementary school. Sometimes I can find a couple java programs that I posted on the CS server last semester. The Arizona All-State festival has a webpage with my name on it. The surprising hit, however, was a personal page dedicated to MCJROTC. Somebody neglected to tell me that I was the adjutant for Tuba City High School's MCJROTC.

Adjutant? I had to look it up at to even figure out what that meant. I did a little further research into the source of the webpage and discovered that it had been created the summer before I moved to Flagstaff. Apparently, I had been selected to be the adjutant ("A staff officer who helps a commanding officer with administrative affairs") before anybody realized that I was moving. It's good to know, however, that I will forever be remembered on the internet as the adjutant for TCHS MCJROTC. Ooh-rah Marine Corps.

this note should be obvious, but I will make it nonetheless. The background image here is a trademark of, and was in no way created by Jo-Pete Nelson. The only reason I used it is because it has become a household trademark, and it has the TM on the picture.

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