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added Mon June 16 2003 at 3:09 AM
wow. I feel very flattered. It had been awhile since I'd checked any of my friends' webpages (hey, give me a break, I've been extremely busy), so I didn't realize that Erin had started writing quite a bit. If I remember right, she's also actually set up a webpage, but I don't remember what the URL is. Shame on me, bad Jo-Pete (Erin, please forgive me and send me the URL so I can update my page with it). Of course, since I don't remember the URL, I don't know exactly what she's done with her webpage lately. In an effort to find her adress, I checked out Eric's page. He has a list of links he terms the "Hall of Fame" (as opposed to the the Hall of Shame, which is more entertaining). I figured that since he and Erin are friends, he might have her link posted there.

Well, unfortunately, I wasn't able to track down Erin's URL, but I did find something rather interesting on his site... on his links page, he states (I'm gonna quote this directly now):
"Jo-Pete - A friend of mine @ BYU. His website is titled 'Jo-Pete's Messed up mind. He does a good job with his writings and has some super sweet code underneath a lot of what he does. Check it out! Let me emphasize that:
!Check It Out! JoPete's Messed Up Mind !Check It Out!"

WOAH! Dude... extreme flattery in a very big way. I'm seriously blushing on this end. Now... if only I could get my website to show up on google. (BTW, just checked it again, and now I have a couple CS labs showing up on google... probably because I posted them on the BYU server...).

Of course, with such high praise, I feel a bit of pressure. I mean, if everybody was reading this site out of a twisted, misguided sense of duty, then I wouldn't really need to perform on it. On the other hand, if I have people who are actively reading it, and are interested to see what comes next... well... geeze. Such responsibility.

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