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Voter intimidation at USPS?
added Mon November 01 2004 at 9:31 PM
As I stood in line waiting to send my ballot by overnight devlivery, the person explained to the person in front of me that they probably couldn't send her ballot next day because there wasn't an airport nearby. She told the girl to try a "private carrier," and I stepped up to hand the lady my package and address label. She looked at her list of zip codes that can receive next day delivery and told me that it would be a two-day delivery.

I stared at her list for a minute.

There was one zip code listed with the prefix 860. I think it was 86034 or something like that. Keams Canyon/Jeddito. The thing is that every zip code with 860-- goes through Flagstaff. Flagstaff is the central hub for the mail going to Northern Arizona (which is the 860-- zip code).

Plus, it's not exactly a hard route for a letter to make. A truck drives from Provo to Salt Lake before noon, a plane from Salt Lake to Phoenix anytime before midnight, and a plane from Phoenix to Flagstaff tomorrow morning, and it's on the County Recorder's desk before noon tomorrow. My mom has sent packages from Flagstaff to Provo and had them arrive the next day, even without express shipping. I decided that it wasn't worth $14 to guarantee the envelope to reach its destination 12 hours too late, and dropped it in the regular mail slot. It still could realistically make it by tomorrow (each of those stops are very reasonable). So, assuming that the post office did not succeed at stopping my vote...


I guess you\'re probably wondering how I ended up voting? Well, part of the reason why it wasn\'t worth driving around and finding someone else to deliver it by tomorrow is because I marked "none of the above" (quite literally. I marked a write-in candidate as none of the above). I could have just as easily voted for Mickey Mouse or some such nonsense, but that would demean my statement that neither candidate was worthy of my vote. I was not just being a silly kid (although maybe my indecision is a bit silly), I was casting a vote for neither candidate,

mom says:
At least your vote was cast! Good boy!!!
posted Sat September 23 2006 at 1:58 PM


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