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Life's Choices
added Wed July 13 2005 at 8:41 PM
Last night, I had to choose what to eat for dinner. I stood in front of the cupboard for several minutes and eventually forced myself to just eat something. As a kid, I was always the last one to pick my one toy at the dollar store. I'd go back and forth on the choice until my mom would make me just take one.

The last few months, I've been taking thousands of pictures. My least favorite part of the whole process is that I end up with thousands of pictures. I don't really even mind too horribly much that I have to process that many. What I hate is sorting through and deciding which (if any) pictures are good. That's why I usually get my mom to do that.

These are the kinds of life decisions that I have to make. And I'm terrible at making them.

So imagine my predicament when today I am called into a conference room to discuss with my boss my future at Pratt and Whitney. And when he says that he'd like to hire me as an actual employee instead of just a co-op. Not in a year or two, but instead of me going back to Utah. And that he would be willing to help me transfer to UConn so that I could stay in Connecticut. He wouldn't be able to hire me as an Engineer until I graduate, but even as a Technician I would be elligible for benefits, including Pratt's excellent education benefits.

These are the kinds of life decisions that I have to make. And I'm terrible at making them.