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Hello peoples!

I don't even know if anybody even looks at this webpage, but eh... 
who cares.  I got David's folklore project in my email this morning. 
I think it's absolutely hilarious.  Of course, a lot of it probably
wouldn't be understood very well if you're not actually in the BYU tuba
section, but if you've got a few minutes, you should check
it out


anyway...  latest links...

Nelson Family Reunion pictures...  I've had them for a while, finally
got them all online...  These are pictures my dad took (Mansel). 

    -Nelson family
pictures 1

    -Nelson family
pictures 2

Helaman's 2000.--  I got this
paper back today, and I got full credit (except for the penalty for being
late).  So either the prof gives full credit for any writing, or someone
thought it was good.

Grandpa's cd (what it actually looks like). 
I made a total of ten copies of the CD.  one is for Grandpa, obviously. 
each of the CD's looks a little bit different than the others for varying
reasons...  I had a few different issues that I didn't realize until
they had been printed.  But at any rate, they're done, I'll be bringing
them with me when I come to AZ on the 20th.

Sometimes a little bit of randomness can be a good
thing.  I don't know what all I'll put here, most likely the latest
rants and whatnot.


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chocolate roses-valentines day poetry
Chocolate is tasty, roses are red
That's what I've heard, that's what is said
Roses smell sweet, chocolate does too
But neither could be as sweet as you

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I’m going to bed now
And when I wake up,
I will not miss you any more

I’m going to sleep now
And in my dreams
You’ll be in my arms

uploaded Sun March 09 2003 at 5:46 PM
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Overly Blessed-religion paper
Jo-Pete Nelson
Rel A 122H

Overly blessed

When we read the scriptures, too often our natural response is to liken only the praising verses to ourselves. For example, almost everybody likes 1 Nephi 3:7 (“…I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded…”). This is a wonderful scripture, and has a very important message, as does all the Lord’s scriptures. But when we come to a scripture that doesn’t speak so highly of human nature, we like to use it to describe how horrible the Nephites or Lamanites are, never ourselves.

Helaman 6:17 starts with a blessing: “For behold, the Lord had blessed them so long with the riches of the world that they had not been stirred up to anger, to wars, nor to bloodshed.” If you read this to almost anybody in our country, they would be more than willing to say that that is them. Until September 11, we hadn’t had any serious acts of war or carnage in our own country for years. Our standard of living is heads and shoulders above what it is in most other countries. Even our poor- those that are below the poverty line- have food to eat and a place to sleep. We have just about everything.

Now that the reader has decided they like this scripture, he or she reads on to find what kind of parallel can be made to his or her own life. “therefore they began to set their hearts upon riches; yea, they began to seek to get gain that the might be lifted up one above another.” Instant recoil in horror. Of course, that couldn’t possibly be an example of us. Of course we like to have a cool car. It’s fun to cruise around town. We aren’t lifting ourselves above anybody. It’s natural for us to spend hours a day looking at the latest fashions and imitating what the models do to be beautiful. We’re just trying to make ourselves presentable. Of course that new computer is necessary. It gives me the edge over the competition- and it helps me to do well in school. I need that new scanner… the digital camera… the nice printer. This scripture couldn’t possibly be us. But it is.

The scariest part is how this scripture ends. “Therefore they began to commit secret murders, and to rob and to plunder, that they might get gain.” One of the most challenging blessings and curses the Lord could ever give is worldly wealth. Using the Nephites as a model of human behavior, notice that in one verse, these people went from being blessed by the Lord to being the ones the Lord curses. We would like to comfort ourselves by saying that we’ll never commit murder, and most people wouldn’t. But even so, our society is half way through this verse. We’ve been blessed in a multitude of ways, and too often we would like to lift ourselves up. The key to staying on the Lord’s side is to remember where all blessings originate. Instead of lifting ourselves up because of the great things we are given, we should exalt the Lord for giving us these great things. This is the pattern the scriptures set forth, and we must follow.

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math 303 assignment-math paper
Your first reaction might be "huh??"... I mean, this is Jo-Pete's writings... not his math homework. Let me tell ya... that was our first reaction when we were assigned a writing project for class... This really isn't very good writing, so don't expect much... and it's meant only to be understood by the TA, to demonstrate I know what I'm talking about. I mostly included it because of the irony of a writing assignment in my math class.

Jo-Pete Nelson
Math 303
Problem 18
Write a condensed report of 2-3 pages on the most important facts about free and forced vibrations. Hint First make a list of 5-6 points that you think are most relevant; this will help you to balance your essay without exceeding three pages.

Free Vibrations

Undamped- When an undamped mass-spring system is set into motion, it will always remain in motion. The most important thing about this motion is that it is a sinusoidal function. Solving for the equation my” + ky = 0 will give only imaginary lambdas, so the solution will always be in the form y(x) = Acos(wx) + Bsin(wx). This can be combined into one function using Ccos(wx + D) where C = (A^2 + B^2)^(1/2) and D = tan (A/B).

Underdamped- in an underdamped case (c^2 > 4mk), the solution will be in the form ae^((alpha)x)cos((beta)x) + be((alpha)x)sin((beta)x). The mass will perpetually cross the equilibrium point, but each successive period will have a smaller amplitude. Eventually, the mass will (for all practical purposes) be stopped at the equilibrium point.

Critically damped- In a critically damped case (c^2 = 4mk), the solution will be in the form ae^(lambda(x)) + axe^(lambda(x)). In this case, the mass will have the potential of crossing the equilibrium point at most once.

Overdamped- in an overdamped case (c^2 < 4mk), the solution will be in the form ae^(lambda1(x)) + be^(lambda2(x)). Here again, the mass will have the potential of crossing the equilibrium point at most once. However, in this case, the mass is less likely to cross the equilibrium at all.

Forced Vibrations

Undamped- If the system is not damped, then the solution takes the form y(t) = Ccos(w*t-D) + (F*)/(m(w*^2-w^2)) coswt. As the input frequency (w) approaches the natural frequency (w*), the maximum amplitude can get very large, until it eventually it reaches resonance.

(resonance)- when an undamped forced vibration is in resonance, the solution function does an interesting thing- with every successive period, the amplitude gets bigger, and in theory continues doing this until the amplitude is infinite (obviously, the spring breaks long before that).

Damped- if the system is damped, you can look at two portions of the solution.

(transient solution) the homogeneous solution is called the transient solution because it will eventually not have much effect on the system, since it is based on e^(-at).

(steady-state solution) the particular solution is sinusoidal and therefore will remain in the system for the entire time. It is primarily caused by the driving force, so the initial conditions don’t affect it over the long term.

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testimony April, 2002-testimony (religion)
As I was picking what school I wanted to go to, I, like many others here, was not sure I wanted to go to BYU. There was a very good in-state school that was offering me a considerable amount of money to go there. I only applied to BYU because I knew that it would make my mom happy, since I’m the youngest and none of my older siblings even applied to her alma mater. When I came to visit, though, everything seemed to fall into place. As I prayed about it before I had to make my final decision, I had the clearest impression I ever have had. It was in my words, but I know that the thought came from somewhere else. I knew that my prayer had already been answered many times, while I was visiting, and while I was thinking about what school to go to. Everything just seemed to work out. This was just one more sign for me that my personal prayers are answered.

The most important and central part of my testimony is that our Father in Heaven loves us, as does Christ. I know that I am far from perfect. I know that none of us are ever truly worthy of such grace and love, but he gives it to us freely. All that we have to do is ask for it. I must marvel that Christ would descend to such a low status- lower than the most base man- just to help a fallen people. It was his choice. He could have stopped at any time, but he didn’t. He loved us that much. There are only two things that I can do to ever attempt to repay for this great sacrifice. First, I must learn to obey his commandments, something I strive to do daily. Second, How can I turn away anybody that I could help? I try to be open and sharing with everything I own, simply because I don’t personally deserve so many rich blessings.

I look forward to another year at BYU before I serve my mission. I pray that I can further develop my testimony. I testify at this time that I KNOW that Christ lives. I KNOW that Gordon B. Hinckley is a prophet ordained of God. I KNOW that the Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son. I KNOW that he translated the Book of Mormon with the aid of our Father in Heaven. Even if I might doubt at times my own role in the great plan that has been set for us, I can not doubt these things. I will know them for all eternity, for they are everlasting truths. My prayer is that we all can learn to do those things that have been asked of us to attain celestial glory in the afterlife. This a pray, in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


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Helaman's 2000-religion paper
Jo-Pete Nelson
Rel A 122H, section 204

The Army of Helaman

I’ve grown very familiar with the story of the army of Helaman. The picture of the 2000 stripling warriors of the Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s marching forward with Helaman leading the way always comes to mind. Such bravery, such boldness. Such strong, handsome (young) men, you simply have to admire them. But where could I possibly fit in such a picture? As a child, I looked at that picture and stood in awe of young men such as those. But it never meant anything to me, personally. I’m not strong, not overly handsome, and I was scared of the dark as a kid. It’s not that I have low self-esteem or anything, I’m just not the warrior type. But a more careful, contemplative discussion paints a whole new picture.

I have yet to determine what medium the picture would be best portrayed in. Perhaps a big oil on canvas painting, but a portrayal of this depth would be extremely challenging in two dimensions, no matter the skill of the artist. Perhaps a short film, but coming across just the right actors would be very challenging. Perhaps a miniature sculpture, but the detail in something that size would be inadequate for the project at hand. The challenge is determining how you can show determination, vigor, and faith without the muscles and broad shoulders typical of contemporary paintings of Helaman’s children.
A mental image is displayed in my head, somewhat different from the classic portraits. The columns of soldiers are just as tidy and precisely uniform. The soldiers in these columns are a different story. Each child ranges in age from about thirteen to nineteen on the older side. Because this would be a brotherly society, the older, stronger boys would take the flank positions to protect their friends and loved ones. Perhaps many of these young men would fit the profile described earlier. They very likely were strong young men, because they had worked on farms all their lives, and such work builds muscle and character. The ones I look up to are the ones in the middle, though. That would be the focus of my canvas.

In the center of the canvas, stands a 16 year old boy. His frame is large, but somewhat clumsy, indicative of his recent growth spurt. His muscles have not yet caught up with his frame, so the large armor hangs loosely over his chest. He looks rather out of place in his armor, but his jaw is set, and he’s ready to fight for his family, his God, and his country. On his right stands his cousin, who turned 14 last month. The younger boy looks even less like a warrior. His mom did not want to say good bye, but knew that he would be alright, because she would be praying for him day and night. The only armor that they could find goes past his knees, so it takes two looks to decide if he supports the armor or the armor supports him. He barely reaches the chest of his older cousin, but his eyes are just as determined. Perhaps a few small tears indicate the pains and sorrows that he has already born and represent the many he will soon face. But in his eyes, there is peace and calm. He has prayed to the Lord, and he knows that everything will be okay.

As an observer analyzes these two young men who are hardly more than boys, he or she will not necessarily be stricken with the power and majesty that is shown in contemporary paintings. Instead, their firm resolution and determination will rise to the surface. Their faith in their prophet-leader and in their God will shine forth. These are qualities that even I could aspire to as a child. These are the qualities that the Lord needs more than muscles or fighting skills. These are the qualities that made Helaman’s army so special.

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King Lear feminists-letter to the editor
Dear Editor,
I’ve noticed that there is quite a debate concerning the casting of a female for the role of King Lear, specifically a letter entitled “Disturbing casting.” I must agree that feminism over the last few decades has gotten out of hand. We should all return to yesterday’s way of thinking about women.

First of all, the fact that any women are cast for any role in a Shakespearean play is outrageous. There were no female actors then… why now? Second, there is the whole issue that women are allowed to attend a university in the first place. That would never have been heard of in the days of Shakespeare. How dare we “desecrate” such fine traditions as these? Then there is the horrible reality that we actually let women work in real jobs. Thank goodness there is still the glass ceiling in place to prevent them from becoming too powerful. In fact, we could learn a thing or two from certain Middle Eastern countries that don’t let their women even speak in public. As we can all see, those countries have much less problems with “chaos and anarchy.” Why do we let girls wear pants, anyway? In days of yore, weren’t they just supposed to look pretty and make babies? I think the girls look prettier when they wear dresses, so lets not allow them to wear men’s clothing, either. The list can easily go on, ad nauseum.

As for the fact that maybe girls should start paying for the dates, I would appreciate it if they would just stop telling me no. After all, I’m the male.

Jo-Pete Nelson
Flagstaff, Arizona

note: this letter was never published, for a very simply reason... it was never submitted... it is in response to a letter to the editor on April 4, 2002

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